January saw Silicone Engineering start an intense set of training sessions delivered by the Technical Department.

The training sessions are aimed to provide all Silicone Engineering’s front end employees with advanced knowledge into the science behind silicone as a material. With the business’ vision to be the silicone partner and market brand of choice, the training aims to increase the knowledge of each employee to allow them to provide advanced silicone knowledge to customers regardless of department.

Due to the advanced nature of silicone formulations, processing techniques and material specifications, it is often a long process to understand everything about silicone as an elastomer without any formal training. As many of you will know, silicone has many applications, formulas and grades that need to be fully understood along with the positives and negatives of the material in certain applications. By providing a full programme of technical training sessions, running until June, will provide our already skilled workforce with added knowledge that will help to serve customers and offer them with advanced silicone solutions.

William Taylor, Senior Innovations Technologist, who has 19 years’ experience with the company has spent the last 6 months designing and writing the training content with help from Training and Development Manager, Margaret Nutter.  Bill spoke of his enthusiasm for the training and how passing on knowledge to others is vital for future growth. “Employee training is an essential part of individual and company growth and builds self-esteem.  Knowledge building increases the competence levels of our workers and naturally you become more confident when talking to customers, suppliers, networking and even others within different departments of Silicone Engineering. Knowing your job/subject well is a “great place to be” and the company is trying, through people like me who have worked here many years, to impart whatever knowledge we have gained and sharing in the knowledge.

The course program runs up until the end of May 2015.

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