Due to the continuing growth and higher demand of our expanSil™ sponge extrusion range, a number of improvements to the sponge lines have taken place.

Continuous development in the sponge extrusion department has now seen capacity being raised by an amazing 50%. This extra capacity has allowed for quicker turnaround for our customers and the upstream supply chain.

Phil Martin, Sponge Extrusion Team Leader said of the extra capacity “It has most certainly improved the quality of the silicone sponge and the skin finish. The improvements have given us tighter process control and dimensional stability as well as improved service as we can now process quicker, therefore orders are turned around a lot faster.”

Improvements being made in the sponge extrusion department are just some of many being implemented across the business at Silicone Engineering to improve the quality of our materials as well as improving customer service.

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