With news of the silicone market recently being predicted to grow by 5.9% in the next 3 years, it gives the sector as a whole, the platform to compete with similar elastomers, which take up a larger proportion of the global elastomers market share.

Considering that silicone has one of the smallest market shares of all the elastomers, the predicted growth will allow the silicone market to expand in specific industries and gain a foothold to compete strongly against other elastomers.

As devices get smaller and human demand for more powerful performance increases, heat will increasingly become an issue. Therefore, with the versatility of silicone as a material and with its excellent high temperature properties, it makes our material the ideal choice moving forward into the future to use in such applications.

We hope the predicted growth allows the silicone market to expand into new industrial arenas and provide the sector with new exciting opportunities and applications.

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