Silicone Engineering has been rebranding its products and image over the last year, as part of the company’s focus on innovation and to expand the firm’s marketing profile.

The ongoing brand changes have led to the design of new overalls for the shop floor employees.

As well as being part of a marketing strategy, the new venture is part of the health and safety committee, which promotes visibility of health and safety of the business and its employees.

Rebranding the overalls has really made shop floor staff members feel a part of the Silicone family, giving them an overall feel good factor.

“Before the new overalls were created, there wasn’t much structure to the uniform,” said Steve Hadlington, Technical Quality Director at Silicone Engineering.

“There wasn’t much sense of identity on the shop floor but the new overalls now show continuity throughout the business.”

The rebrand shows that Silicone Engineering likes to invest in its staff members as well as improving the company’s image on a whole new level.

Mustaq Patel Operations Director at Silicone Engineering said; “The idea of this rebranding was to personalise the overalls to make all staff members look a part of the Silicone team, showing their names and the company logo.”

Rebranding is a continued method for the company, which will progress throughout other departments at Silicone Engineering. For more updates keep a look out for our monthly newsletter.

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