Silicone Engineering has this month launched its first web page for foreign customers.

As Silicone Engineering continues to lead the way in the European silicone market, the launch of the brand new web page is designed to make browsing much easier for international audiences.

Following the same design as the current homepage, the German landing page is fully equipped with details of the company’s brands and materials, as well as Silicone Engineering’s history and a general enquiries page.

International websites allow Silicone Engineering to connect more easily with foreign markets and demonstrate the company’s commitment to international silicone manufacture.

Tony Peel, Marketing Director at Silicone Engineering, said: “Introducing international web pages highlights our commitment to enhancing relationships in Europe and beyond.

“In addition to the landing pages we have highly skilled linguists on-site to service international accounts.

“We are already in the process of creating French and Russian web pages to increase our online presence in international markets, with more to follow at a later date.”

The online expansion follows the opening of Silicone Engineering’s new office across the Atlantic, in North America.

Silicone rubber products and services can be customised to the specific needs of any international industry and all silicone rubber products are supplied cost-effectively and efficiently.

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