Like this global iconic figure, John Wayne, Silicone Engineering is laying its foundations in concrete in North America with the opening of its North American office this month.

Following a recent addition of larger service facilities in France, to cover European clients and commercial needs, Silicone Engineering has now opened the Atlantic office after doubling trade in North America.

Manufacturing, together with the fully equipped centre of Innovation, Research & Design excellence will remain at the headquarters in Blackburn England as it has since 1959.

Managing Director Paul Kinsella said: “Over the last 18 months we’ve doubled trade in the North American region, exceeding £1million.

“The business is now exporting almost 50% of its product portfolio. This is no accident – like in other global targeted regions and market sectors we have a sound business plan.”

Silicone Engineering strongly believe the best way to promote your business and its quality product and service offerings is in person and nothing can replace being engaged in direct communications with prospects or clients on a regular basis.

To show its commitment to direct communication on a regular basis, Silicone Engineering’s Directors recently visited the North America office.

The trip welcomed a new key member on board the team based in California, who has over 40 years experience globally in application solutions for the Rubber & Silicone Industrial markets.

This significant appointment emphasises Silicone Engineering’s dedication to value added service levels in this region whilst strengthening relations with new and existing clients.


Market research

Silicone Engineering is committed to 360-degree market research, viewing it as key to the introduction of its products in new markets and regions.

There is also a huge emphasis on identifying and developing opportunities with key strategic partners to assist in mutually beneficial channels to market.

Silicone Engineering introduces the right products, both existing and innovative, to many other industries and regions via strategic alliances.

Recent visits covered the USA, with a trip to Canada on the horizon later this month, which will further develop these strategic partnerships.

Paul Kinsella, Managing Director at Silicone Engineering: “We have an in depth understanding of market growth and success in exporting.

“This includes customer service in real time, continual value added product and application innovations, competitive pricing, market research and knowledge including client feedback, balanced with determination and belief that you have the USPs and infrastructure. These are all key features to growth in any market but fundamental to succeed in exporting”.

“We have the largest dedicated silicone manufacturing facility in Europe which offers real weighted competitive advantage together with scale, quality assurance and of course sustainability.

“It is possibly the largest and best equipped research and design laboratory and mixing facility in the market sector, offering excellent design stage technical support and after sales together with dynamic and continual product application innovations that service changing market requirements.

“So many businesses compete on price but lack courage, foresight and conviction to plan for tomorrow’s new challenges and requirements, finding themselves with outdated product and process lifecycles.”

With over 50 years of silicone processing and knowledge and a management team that each has over 25 years of operating experience in this field Silicone Engineering is excited and proud of what it offers to the export market.

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