Global silicone supplier, Silicone Engineering, has installed a new processing line, capable of producing some of the highest quality solid and sponge silicone sheeting in the world.

With this innovative technology, the company can produce amazingly high quality solid and sponge silicone sheeting to a worldwide market.

The new production line allows for the tightest diameter and quality controls available as well as allowing for silicone sheeting with more width.

It will dramatically improve production and produce even more flexibility and durability calendared products.

Steve Hadlington, Technical Innovations Director at Silicone Engineering, said: “The new line has given us flexibility to support our customer’s market demands being placed on them from a continuing changing market.

“Additionally, the shore hardness control through the process has narrowed to a shore hardness of +/-2A compared to previous industry standards of +/- 4A, allowing for better controls up stream in the supply chain for converters.”


Equipped with ‘high impingement nozzles’ that are used to evenly distribute the heat over the entire surface through the oven, the consistency of heat management and volatile emissions improve, which in turn enhance quality, performance and repeatability.

Better control of emissions not only increases efficiency but also has an improved effect on the health and safety.

With less emissions being circulated into the air, it makes for an extremely clean working environment.

With Silicone Engineering’s recent expansion into North America, the new line will be vital to meet cross-Atlantic demands.

The new line provides confidence of successfully managing an increase in production, in order to give scope to scale up further in other targeted markets.

Silicone Engineering now offers an increased width of sheeting, increasing the maximum width capabilities from 1.5 meters (59”) to 1.8 metres (70”) – with plans already in place to extend the width capacity further still to 2.4 metres (94”).

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