Managing Director, Paul Kinsella, said of the trip; “The key purpose of these visits is to consolidate our commitment to North America and more specifically to explore and develop commercial business partnerships.”

The Silicone Engineering team have certainly been busy as this was their fifth visit of the year so far.

Paul added; “Each visit has provided us with new and priceless information, something that has and will continue to benefit us in the short and long term.”

With strong relationships already being formed, Silicone Engineering strongly believes that the best way to promote your business in new markets is in person, as nothing can substitute being engaged in direct communication with prospects or clients on a regular basis.

Antony Peel, Marketing Director, said; “As we continue to visit and explore North America, Silicone Engineering’s name and brand becomes stronger. Our exposure is beginning to grow in the market as a ground-breaking, quality silicone supplier.”

With trade continuing to significantly increase in North America, Silicone Engineering is extremely excited with current developments and of course opportunities for the future.

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