A Silicone Engineering employee has been helping to make it a warm and cheerful Christmas for abandoned and lost dogs this month.

Dariia Shepal, Lead Export Sales Coordinator at Silicone Engineering would like your help in raising funds for the Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home. With owning a German Shepherd of her own called Maggie, who Dariia loves to spoil, she thought that it was only fair to do something nice for dogs who had no real homes this Christmas.

Dariia added: “Charities like Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home are doing a fantastic job of saving lives of abandoned and mistreated dogs, and yet they are facing the risk of being closed due to acute food and supplies shortage. I hope the initiatives like mine will help to keep dogs homes open for as long as possible and encourage people to support dogs charities not only over the festive season but throughout the year.”

With the cold weather creeping upon us, Dariia has been collecting warm blankets, dog food and towels to donate onto the Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home. Not only has she been raising goods and funds here at Silicone Engineering but she has also reached out to listeners of Real radio in the North West. This is with help from the host of the Morning Breakfast show, Lorna Bancroft, who has been tweeting listeners to donate towards this wonderful cause.

Lorna said: “I am a massive animal lover and recently this year I and a friend adopted a dog each from the Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home. They are beautiful little companions and without the love and care of the Dogs’ Homes, goodness only knows where they’d be now.

I wish more people would donate not only money but food, towels and bedding to the rescue centre. Anything at all would be a massive help and I think that the job done by Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home is fantastic.”

The Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home is a rescue centre based over two sites that takes in and cares for over 7,000 dogs every year. Many of these dogs are never reclaimed by their owners and require a great degree of emotional and physical support during their stay with the centre.

In addition to the Specialist Care Unit at the homes, the centres also utilise a wide range of behavioural and mentally stimulating activities at both to ensure each dog receives personal care and attention. Over the years the City of Manchester has grown around Manchester Dogs’ Home and it is now very much an inner city rescue centre.

To support Dariia with her cause and to find out more about this wonderful donation, please log on to the following page: http://www.justgiving.com/Dariia-Shepel

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