REACH Compliance

June 2018 saw the European Chemical Agency add chemical intermediates D4, D5 and D6 to the REACH candidate list of substances of very high concern (SVHC).

Since then, questions on how this affects silicone rubber products and its safety in application have been asked.

Silicone Engineering have been working very closely with our suppliers to obtain as much information as possible to pass to our customers. In addition to this, we have conducted external independent testing on a number of our product ranges to ensure we have exact data to show levels of the three substances (D4, D5, D6) in our silicone products.

Following product testing, Silicone Engineering can confirm that none of the 197 substances on the current SVHC candidate list are present in reportable levels and are therefore deemed REACH compliant. REACH compliant product ranges include:

  • kSil® Solid Sheeting
  • kSil® Sponge Sheeting
  • kSil® Reinforced Solid Sheeting
  • suraSil™ Solid Extrusions
  • suraSil™ Mouldings
  • expanSil™ Sponge Extrusions
  • neutraSil™ – Antimicrobial
  • metectSil™ – Metal Detectable (Solid & Sponge)
  • GPC cable insulation

Silicone Engineering can also confirm that all kSil®GP and suraSil™GP solid silicone products remain in complete compliance with the following food regulations –

  • FDA – Food and Drugs Administration 21 CFR 177-2600
  • BFR XV Empfehlung and colour bleed test according to BFR Empfehlung part B 11
  • Directive EC 1935/2004

Compliance with REACH and food regulations has been achieved firstly through re-investment into new and improved processing equipment over the last decade. Secondly, trusted, quality and innovation focussed raw material suppliers and thirdly, continual improvements to our processes throughout the factory. This has given the business enhanced process controls from start to finish especially during the pre and post cure stages which has resulted in more efficient and effective curing method. Overall, these combined improvements and assurances provide a more stable product with improved physical properties.

Managing Director, Paul Kinsella said “As a company we are committed to manufacturing and supplying products to the highest industry standards. Product integrity, longevity and performance in application are what original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their supply chains strive for in design and build and we are focused on servicing those aims.”

More information on exact data is available to customers on request.

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