Our platinum silicone grade has gained WRAS approval from the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.

Both kSil™PL sheeting and suraSil™PL extrusions have passed testing to BS 6920: Part 1, complying with all requirements set out by WRAS.

The tubing is safe to be used in contact with hot or cold water intended for human consumption up to 85°C (185°F) making it the ideal material to be used in the beverage industry for vending tubes, brewery tubes and transfer tubes.

As well as being extruded, our platinum grade can also be calendered into sheets and rolls which are most commonly converted to flat gaskets used in food or beverage processing machinery to ensure high performance sealing.

The platinum grade also complies with FDA for food contact.

For more information on how our silicone grades can benefit your industry, visit our Markets page.

Platinum Grade Passes WRAS

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