Staff members at Silicone Engineering were very excited to watch the Olympic Torch relay, pass by their head office in Blackburn this month.

A large crowd of locals, gathered to watch the historic torch make its way towards the town of Accrington.

Silicone Engineering is able to relate to the Olympic Games’ motto, made up of three Latin words Citius, Altius and Fortius, which mean faster, higher and stronger with:


A fast turnaround period in delivering our products to customers

Excellent quality and continue to maintain high standards

Strong relationships with customers and strive to meet their needs


The five rings associated with the Olympics represent the five continents that take part in the Games each year.

Silicone Engineering is continuing to expand and win new business around the world but is also willing to accept healthy competition from competitors along the way.

Silicone has been used in making rubber wristbands for the Olympics this year to promote harmony, respect, excellence and friendship.

These are some of the core values that Silicone Engineering embraces on a daily basis with its customers.

If you are looking to work with a company that respects and values your business then why not give Silicone Engineering a call?

Staff members will be happy to assist you with your query and introduce you to products that will exceed your expectations.


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