New Rail Specification Keeps Passengers Safety On Right Track

Silicone Engineering’s low smoke, low toxicity grade of solid silicone has been tested to meet the European Standard for rail fire and smoke safety, EN 45545-2. The fire and smoke regulation was brought in to standardise a number of national specifications such as the BS 6853 (UK).


kSil™LCH solid sheeting and suraSil™LCH solid extrusion product ranges pass the regulation which can be applied in a number of different applications within rolling stock from lighting enclosure gaskets and insulated cables to HVAC and door seals.


All materials above a certain weight have to go through fire safety standards which ensure safety for rail passengers is kept at the highest level across Europe.


kSil™ and suraSil™ LCH solid grades are available in sheets, continuous rolls (up to 1800mm wide) and extrusions, all with the option of pressure sensitive adhesive backing. With its extreme temperature resistance of  -60°C (-76°F) to 230°C (446°F) and up to 250°C (482°F) intermittent, silicone is well placed to act as seals and gaskets where temperature levels can fluctuate such as heating systems.


To learn more about our LCH grade and any of our other materials that go into the Rail industry, click on the rail picture below to read our latest article in Railway Strategies magazine where we feature on pages 34 & 35.


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