Global Reach Increases

As many of you will already realise, when it comes to exporting overseas, it isn’t all plain sailing, far from it. Challenges come in many forms, from different cultures and business practises that can sometimes hinder when it comes down to business. With this in mind we took it upon ourselves to take a closer look into our global reach to assess the coverage of Silicone Engineering’s direct business sales around the world and what trends have been made in the past 5 years.

In 2008, Silicone Engineering made strategic efforts to expand export business through new channels and business partnerships, whilst at the same time, expanding our company brand as an innovative silicone solution provider. As the economy took a sick day and didn’t show up again for the next 18 months, our aim to grow export sales wasn’t an easy task. It took investment in people, new and modern machinery and also adopting new business focuses in Marketing and Training and Development that really pushed us to where we wanted to be.

To give you an idea; in 2008 we directly supplied silicone rubber into 24 countries worldwide. A respectable number and one that at the time we were all pleased with. However, by having strategic plans in place to ride the financial storm of the recession, it allowed us to move in a direction where we were actively seeking business in un-tapped foreign markets.

Fast forwarding to the end of 2013, Silicone Engineering are now exporting into 44 different countries, in 5 continents. An effort made possible by adopting new business strategies and forming strong business alliances across the globe.

Into 2014, our global reach looks set to continue its growth to make Silicone Engineering a true International silicone rubber manufacturer and business partner.

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