The rail industry has seen vast improvements in both design and passenger safety over the last decade. Advanced interior designs using specialist materials allow rolling stock to become more efficient and more importantly, safer in operation.

Silicone lends itself to being used in a number of applications within the rail industry. Interior applications such as HVAC gaskets, lighting seals, door seals and silicone sheeting for vibration dampening highlights the versatility of silicone and its additional benefits that add to safety.


After the Kings Cross disaster in the 1980’s where toxic smoke was the main cause of fatalities, Silicone Engineering developed the LCH (low combustion hazard) silicone grade specifically for use in the mass transit industry, which when burnt produces low smoke and low toxicity emissions, therefore reducing risk of toxic fume inhalation. The LCH grade, available in solid and sponge, is now widely used in the rail industry to increase safety on board and like many other silicone products in our range, gives designers and engineers silicone solutions that add benefit to the end customer.

To find out more about how Silicone Engineering have transformed the rail industry with silicone solutions, read our latest article in Railway Strategies magazine by following the link below.

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