Exciting New Material

We have very exciting news from our laboratory in regards to a new material development.

Our technical development team are in the process of completing the final test phase on the only fully compliant FDA approved silicone sponge in the market place.



A range of formulations and production methods have been trialled and tested over the last six months to eventually formulate and produce a sponge that is of the highest quality and is also fully compliant and approved to FDA regulations in which all ingredients within the formulation are FDA listed, something that is currently lacking from the silicone sponge market.

All known FDA sponge products currently on the market, only state compliance to FDA standards such as the extraction requirement. This does not mean the product is fully FDA compliant.

The new FDA sponge material will have a significant impact on the food and beverage industry where FDA approved materials are of upmost importance. The FDA sponge has a clean, white appearance which will be very desirable properties when used as a food grade product.

The range will be available as sheets, rolls and extrusions.

Testing is still taking place, however a new fully compliant and approved FDA silicone sponge is imminent so please watch this space for further details.

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