The world was certainly in a state of shock on Friday morning with the unexpected news that the UK had voted to leave the European Union.

Whatever your view point on this decision, we wanted to highlight Silicone Engineering’s thoughts on this outcome.

Being a significant exporter of silicone goods around the world, we have a vested interest to continue this trade and feel very confident that this will continue. Currently as it stands, there are no immediate effects or changes within our trading relationship with the EU and any changes legislative or otherwise are likely to be negotiated and phased in sometime in 2018.

We as a business would like to reassure all our supply chain partners that during this protracted negotiation phase it will be business as usual for Silicone Engineering. Our business interests at both ends of the supply chain are extremely diverse in applications, industries and regional trade zones including common currencies. So with export sales being a substantive part of our business, we are in a reasonably insulated or neutral position with movements in core exchange rates, which allows us to continue trade and growth within existing global markets.

Our future investment, growth plans and business continuity remains unchanged as a result of Brexit and we are confident that whatever deal is negotiated between the UK and EU, this will have no affect with our quality, service and commitment to our existing supply chains and wider business arrangements.

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