Aerospace giant Boeing flew in to visit Silicone Engineering. As part of a planned visit of all their key SQL approved suppliers in UK and Ireland, a team of representatives from Boeing’s Headquarters in Seattle were invited to the 55,000 sq ft silicone facility in Blackburn, Lancashire.

As part of their commitment to quality and safety assurance, the visit was to assess a number of key factors such as a robust supply chain, manufacturing infrastructure and capability together with design and solution capabilities. Specialists from Boeing included their Elastomers Specialist along with their Procurement Agent responsible for interior contracts and supplier management.

During their visit Silicone Engineering took Boeing on a full tour of the manufacturing facilities showing the processes of how their silicone rubber materials are stored, assigned and manufactured. This was twinned with a full tour of the in-house technical laboratory where all silicone formulas and solutions are designed, developed and scaled up.

Boeing were impressed with a number of aspects of the business some including the great house-keeping of the factory, the economies of scale, the sponge production technology and capabilities, the in-depth knowledge of silicone rubber that is held by the staff and the laboratory facility itself.

Paul Kinsella, Managing Director, who took pleasure in showing the Boeing team around said “Many companies promise and boast a great deal, especially online, however seeing is often the best way to believe and impress your audience. Our vertically integrated facility here in the UK is equipped with some of the best silicone processing equipment and personnel in the industry and it is an absolute privilege to give the Boeing representatives a full tour of our facility to show our capabilities and expertise first hand.”

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