A former Silicone Engineering employee has been shortlisted to have her artwork displayed at the New Sensations exhibition in London.

Natasha Peel created her masterpiece using plastic materials, which were then moulded in a special oven at Silicone Engineering.

Natasha, who recently completed her BA Hons degree from Oxford University in Drawing & Fine Art, worked at Silicone Engineering during her studies, helping in departments such as Research and Sales.

Steve Maxwell, Innovation Engineer at Silicone Engineering, who assisted Natasha with her artwork, said: “Creativity is thinking up new things and innovation is doing new things. Natasha has achieved both with this wonderful creation.

“With over 800 entries this year, it is an incredible achievement for Natasha to have made the top 20 shortlist.”

The New Sensations exhibition takes place from the 9 – 15 October 2012 at Location House, in London.

The competition aims to promote young, emerging artists and gives their artwork recognition throughout the UK and abroad.

Natasha has a special interest in the malleability of materials when heated, so she viewed Silicone Engineering as the perfect business to sponsor her artwork.

She said: “Whilst working at Silicone Engineering as part of my training, I learnt about the different ways that silicone had been used to mould into place using heated ovens. This inspired me to create something unique for my final project within my degree.

“I am very grateful to Silicone Engineering because not only did they help me with my project but they also assisted in making sure that my artwork reached its destination safely.”

But the journey does not end here for Natasha. She has been offered a place to go onto study her Masters in the History of Art, at London’s Courtauld Institute of Art.

Silicone Engineering was happy to be a part of this exciting opportunity, wishing Natasha the very best with all her future artwork.

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