A brand new, super strength material is set to change the face of solar power, aircraft and vehicle production.

The revolutionary KSil™VAC silicone sheeting has been developed to meet the high demand for a more robust material in solar and composite production.

Developed in Silicone’s Engineering’s in-house laboratory, the specially formulated material is the result of extensive market research and vigorous testing.

According to the international silicone manufacturer’s detailed research, many ‘vacuum membranes’, which are essential for smooth running production, are of poor standard.

A number of manufacturers have experienced problems with vacuum membrane durability, most of which last for, on average, only 15-20 working days before having to be replaced.

Puncture damage is a common problem, causing halted production and increased downtime.

KSil™VAC’s incredible elongation and high tear properties are proven to increase the production lifecycles of the vacuum or lamination process significantly longer than organic polymers.

Steve Hadlington, Technical Innovations Director, said: “KSil™ VAC has been trialed globally in three different industries with positive performance feedback, tested over the last six months.

“Test results have shown that KSil™ VAC, when subjected to a number of production cycles, has less change in its key physical characteristics than other materials currently being used on the market today.”

“It has more than doubled the life of the cycle period currently being experienced in the marketplace.”

KSil™ VAC, with its high tear, improved abrasion resistance and high elongation properties, performs to the highest specifications, withstanding puncture damage without causing catastrophic failure.

These high elongation properties allow the material to be stretched over extremely intricate profiles and design structures – for a tight, precise fit – maximising quality of output.

KSil™VAC sheeting is perfect for the production process of solar panels and other renewable energy sources, as well as industries in the composite sectors such as Aerospace and Automotive.

Silicone Engineering’s new sheeting line, highlighted in April’s newsletter, means KSil™VAC can be produced in 1.8m wide sheets.

The sheeting line enhances the firm’s capabilities to the point where it can offer the highest quality products on the market at the most competitive prices – with plans already in place to further increase capabilities.

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