What to expect at the Railway Interiors Expo Prague

When it comes to the future of customer experiences in rail travel, there’s only one place all professionals in the field will be gathering to experience it for themselves this year.

Taking place on the 14-15 November 2017 in Hall 1, the Railway Interiors Expo Prague is the international showcase of everything within a railcar. Since its inaugural event back in 2004, the expo has pushed advancements in design, technology and safety every year.

All decision makers in the industry – from rail operators to design consultants and carriage makers – flock to the event to see the latest interior technological, material and service developments and innovations. Since it began 13 years ago, the expo has played host to key players from every major railcar manufacturer, as well as national rail and mass-transit operators.

If previous shows are anything to go by, there will be in excess of 2,000 attendees this year all looking to network and peek at the very latest advancements that will shape rail travel in the near future. So if you’re thinking of attending this year, here’s what you can expect at the Railway Interiors Expo Prague.

Who’s exhibiting?

As you can imagine for such an important annual event, the list of exhibitors are all companies helping to advance the industry with new, innovative products.

From Japan’s Johnson Controls-Hitachi and its smart air conditioning solutions, to the UK’s 42 Technology and its adaptable carriage system; the range of products and ideas will cover everything within a railcar, from seating and materials, lighting, washroom facilities and flooring to composites, infotainment systems and security concepts.

There are currently 82 confirmed exhibitors from all around the world. Silicone Engineering will be there, showcasing its kSil™V-0 silicone sponge grade for sealing, insulation and protection of key components within the railcar.

kSil V-0 is a closed cell, lightweight silicone sponge that has been specially formulated for mass transit interior applications including: door seals, electronic enclosure seals, HVAC seals and gaskets, vibration dampening, LED gaskets, and gap fillers.

The benefits of Silicone’s most versatile solution yet are incredible.

We are extremely excited about the V-0 range and what it can offer to design and material engineers looking for sealing solutions. We specifically formulated and developed V-0 with the aim to provide a high performance silicone sponge for sealing, insulation and protection whilst at the same time ensuring V-0 passes critical fire and smoke safety standards such as EN45545-2, ASTM E162 & E662 and Bombardier SMP 800c. We feel we have a complete silicone sponge solution that can help improve the lifespan of applications as well as fire safety within rail interior design.

Free two-day conference

With no entrance fee, the expo holds a free two-day conference for attendees with a variety of guest speakers spread across two different stages. If you want to attend, all you need to do is register.

Over the course of the two days, there are several speakers we’d recommend attending:

With many transport networks facing overcapacity in urban and commuter services in particular, Paul Priestman (designer and chairman at PriestmanGoode) will explore the railway interiors of the future, and look at ways in which design can enhance consumer experience and encourage good passenger behaviour. Listen to his talk on Day 1 of the event on Stage 1 at 12pm.

Then there’s Gunther Battenberg (MD of Battenberg Robotic) who will be explaining how robotics are now used to measure and test the quality of railway interior through teaching the test procedures to the robotics and integrating CAD or 3-D data of the measuring objects. Don’t miss his talk at 11:30am on Day 1, on Stage 2.

Finally, Matt Round’s, chief creative officer at Tangerine, talk on using innovation to understand the human behaviour of today in regard to travel, will be fascinating. Find out all about how, through the innovation insights that are recorded, design can create solutions to transport problems that haven’t even occurred yet, adapting to the imagined future needs and behaviours of passengers and providers. Make sure to attend on Day 2 to hear his conference talk on conference Stage 1 at 11am.

If you’re planning to attend the 2017 Railway Interiors Expo Prague, come and find Silicone Engineering at stand 1081. We look forward to seeing you there.

Protection of electronics using gaskets and seals in rail and mass transit industry

Electrical enclosures come in all different shapes and formats, from wall mounted units to standard control and junction boxes. Outdoor electronic enclosures are exposed to a number of environmental elements from extreme temperatures, UV, Ozone and general weathering such as heavy rain and wind which is why the sealing material used to protect the inside of enclosures needs to be able to withstand such a variety of stresses.

Enclosures are used for a diverse range of applications, providing control systems for everything from signalling, train power feed and station infrastructure in the rail industry to general outdoor electrical systems. From a health and safety perspective, the components inside electrical enclosures are frequently live, therefore they need protection to prevent electrical shocks and potential failure.



Seal and Protect with kSil™ V-0 for electrical enclosures

kSil™ V-0 is a lightweight, closed cell silicone sponge that provides excellent sealing performance due to its low compression set whilst improving fire safety within the enclosure. Capable of achieving a sealing rating of IP67, kSil™V-0 protects vital electrical systems from water and dust ingress that is often experienced in outdoor applications.

Electrical enclosures often experience temperature fluctuations due to both weather conditions and the heat generated from the power system itself. Therefore the seal used to protect the enclosure needs to be able to withstand such fluctuations. Formulated to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 230°C (446°F) down to -60°C (-76°F) and flame resistant to UL94v-0, kSil™V-0 provides this protection at varying temperature levels which maintains excellent sealing performance, in turn reducing the risk of downtime.

kSil™ V-0 is the ideal, versatile sealing material for all electronic enclosures.

Additional benefits silicone seals and gaskets provide

  • Silicone solid and sponge/foam seals also have a role in absorbing and blocking sound inside particular applications such as HVAC units.
  • When it comes to securing HVAC units, a seal can be required to absorb high-frequency vibrations from the fans, reducing the vibration of the facility and also the rattle movement.
  • Our expertise in solid silicones and sponge/foam silicones allows us to manufacture various seals and gasket solutions for different types of electrical enclosures used in a number of industries such as Rail, Automotive and HVAC.



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