Silicone rubber extrusion profiles are used in a wide range of applications and industries. In the luxury motor yacht sector, silicone can be a popular choice to operate as a seal against water and wind, doubling up as a decorative trim.

The opportunity and challenge

A global yacht manufacturer contacted Silicone Engineering to help with a silicone extrusion for an exterior application. The solid extruded profile would be fitted as an edging strip for a sliding roof on luxury yachts.

The extrusion would be required to maintain sealing performance in extreme conditions at sea.

Solution: suraSil™ GP60, Black

Due to silicone’s outstanding capabilities to withstand extreme weather conditions, the material engineer selected our general purpose s

ilicone as it has all the inbuilt characteristics to perform excellently in the application.

Silicone rubber is the ideal material for marine applications due to its strong UV resistance and extraordinary temperature spectrum (-60°C to +200°C).

Once a sample was produced from the extrusion die and signed off by the customer, the order went to production.

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