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Find out how Silicone Engineering’s knowledge and expertise in the industry provides explanations and answers to all your silicone questions.

New Talcing Process Improves Sheeting Quality

With technology constantly changing, it would be naive to turn a blind eye to new ways in which you can improve production processes which can help raise the quality of your products, regardless of your industry.

At Silicone Engineering, we had always used the more conventional way to talc our silicone sheeting which was a very simple process. An operator would apply talc onto the sheeting and a roller would then coat the sheeting evenly, as shown in the picture below. It

Silicone, a key ingredient in renewable energy

Silicone, as a durable, inorganic compound, has a great many uses across a multitude of industries. One of the more exciting industries in which silicone polymer usage is widespread is the renewable energy industry; where its efficiency and long-lasting strength are an absolute boon. The central advantage of the use of silicone is that it often replaces the use of petroleum based organic products, which can leave behind or produce a lot of environmentally damaging pollutants; and which also last

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