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Find out how Silicone Engineering’s knowledge and expertise in the industry provides explanations and answers to all your silicone questions.

Protection of electronics using gaskets and seals in rail and mass transit industry

Electrical enclosures come in all different shapes and formats, from wall mounted units to standard control and junction boxes. Outdoor electronic enclosures are exposed to a number of environmental elements from extreme temperatures, UV, Ozone and general weathering such as heavy rain and wind which is why the sealing material used to protect the inside of enclosures needs to be able to withstand such a variety of stresses.

Enclosures are used for a diverse range of applications, providing control systems for everything

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How Do You Manufacture Silicone?

The following blog will explore the Silicone Engineering manufacturing process, from receiving the elemental ingredients into Goods In, to a silicone rubber product leaving us at Goods Out!

Here at Silicone Engineering, we are very fortunate to have outstanding mixing and compounding facilities. The Mill Room is the hub of the business giving Silicone Engineering the capability to mix and blend our own custom silicone formulations and grades.

In essence, the Mill Room is where our silicone products start their journey, a

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