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Find out how Silicone Engineering’s knowledge and expertise in the industry provides explanations and answers to all your silicone questions.

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Is Silicone a Rubber, Elastomer or Polymer? Find out with Silicone Engineering

You may have heard a number of terms for describing rubber-like materials such as polymers, elastomer and synthetics and thought what is the difference between them (if any at all)? Here we explain the difference between rubbers, synthetics, polymers and elastomers as well as focusing on our material – silicone. We explain what group silicone falls into to allow you to gain understanding when choosing a rubber material for application.


Is essentially the original name given to Latex and is a

Understanding UL94v-0 : Silicone Rubber

UL94v-0 is a fire standard set by UL – an American worldwide safety consulting and certification company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. UL94V-0 is used to determine the flammability of a specified material and the burn time associated with it.

Why we test and measure to UL94v-0?

UL94v-0 is tested and measured to allow engineers to understand the flammability characteristics of a material, in this case silicone sponge/foam.

If the material passes and is verified by UL themselves, a material can then be used in

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