We were approached by a large industrial lighting company who specialise in the design and manufacture of lighting units for hazardous area applications such as offshore oil and gas rigs and coal mining industries.

An essential consideration for their lighting products is reliability, safety and good quality, which are at the top of the list especially as their products have to stand up to harsh offshore environments where the stresses of extreme weather can take their toll on the lighting units.

The Opportunity and Challenge: How we solve their lighting gasket problem

The customer had already received various gasket samples in silicone from other suppliers but their overall finished unit was still allowing water to get into the unit which could cause failure to the electronics.

The challenge to the engineering team was to evaluate the light fittings (2 different styles) and find the ingress problem before moving to look at a material solution to combat this.

The Solution: How we solve their lighting gasket problem

Instead of just offering standard profile designs in accordance with the design brief, our onsite engineers advised that a custom sponge profile would work far better which resulted in a custom design solution being produced for each light fitting design. Using our expanSil™ sponge to create a profile allowed the seal to form a tight fit once compressed into the lighting channel.
Previously, to put their lighting systems through tests for water and dust ingress (IP66) cost the company £7000 per test and before working with Silicone Engineering they paid for 2 tests using other silicone materials with no positive result.

Once a sample profile was produced, our material was fitted to the lighting unit and was put in for testing. The unit passed with no water passing through the seal into the unit which was a great result for both the customer and our engineers who had all worked hard to combat the problem.

The end results

The custom profile is now in full production and is being fitted to all lighting systems in that range.

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