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Silicone Rubber Materials

Working closely with you, at all levels in the supply chain, Silicone Engineering will provide you with the best silicone solution to meet your requirements.

Silicone Engineering manufactures and supplies silicone rubber and silicone sponge products through multiple-levels of the business-to-business (B2B) supply chains.

When supplying products to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) businesses, or to end-users, it is important to have in-depth knowledge of the end-use application to ensure silicone rubber products are fit for purpose, cost effective and meet relevant international standards. That is why our team of silicone experts work closely with you at every step of the way from enquiry and design to formulation and manufacturing of the product. 

All our silicone materials are kitted, mixed and manufactured at our 55,000 sq ft facility in Blackburn Lancashire. This means we have full trace of the production process and quality management. 

Our silicone materials go into many applications across a wide range of industries and it would be impossible to list them all. However, products such as silicone sheeting are usually supplied to converters and gasket cutters who, in turn, supply their finished products to the next tier in the supply chain. Whereas our silicone dairy tubing often gets sent to global agriculture distributors to be sold on to dairy farms.

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Silicone Sheeting

Silicone sheeting is used in the production of linings or punched gaskets for use as sealing membranes in many different applications.

Silicone Engineering manufacture sheeting in three formats: solid, sponge (cellular) and supported.

Examples of gaskets made from silicone sheeting products are found in heating systems and chilling systems as well as vacuum and thermoforming applications.

The fabric supported silicone sheeting is used for the manufacture of high performance silicone hoses for the automotive and utilities sectors and for heating technologies in the energy industries.

Washers punched from silicone sheeting are found in industries such as bottling and packaging, and specialist silicone gaskets are found in automotive air bags.

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Silicone Extrusions

Silicone extrusions are usually used for sealing.

They are heavily used in industries where there are excessive environmental and temperature variations such as door and hob seals in domestic and commercial ovens or lamp gaskets in street lighting.

The robust and inert properties of silicone make it an ideal choice for use as seals or tubing in food and beverage processing machines.

The mass transit, automotive and aerospace markets use silicone rubber because its physical properties make it ideal for use in window seals, carriage edgings and instrument seals.

Silicone extrusions include silicone, tubing, cord, profiles and sections.

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Mill Room


Silicone Engineering’s in-house silicone compounding facility is equipped with some of the largest state of the art processing systems in Europe.

It currently processes in excess of 1,500 tonnes of silicone rubber each year whilst maintaining full-quality control and material integrity at every stage of the process.

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Ask the Experts


Our silicone elastomer experts will help any way they can. 

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Silicone Engineering has one of the best-equipped and resourced laboratories in the industry.

Using Silicone Engineering’s high-quality facilities, and its leading team of experts, you can benefit commercially through increased productivity.

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