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Our Values

Silicone Engineering continuously strives to be at the forefront of silicone technology innovation to provide silicone solutions for today's applications.

By pioneering the very latest technology, Silicone Engineering provides you with silicone rubber products that meet your specific needs – whatever industry you are in, no matter how rapidly it’s evolving.

With more than 55 years experience as a manufacturer and supplier of silicone rubber, Silicone Engineering will work with you, closely and confidentially, to develop cost-effective silicone solutions.

Working for you

Silicone rubber is used in a wide range of industries and sectors and Silicone Engineering has worked with many of the largest firms in these fields.

This includes working with global companies - who value the expertise Silicone Engineering offers – view our case studies

New applications are constantly discovered for silicone products and are adapted to create customised solutions to challenging problems.

Whatever industry or sector your company is in, Silicone Engineering has experience and expertise to provide the silicone rubber solution you desire.

Products include silicone sheeting, tubing, cords, extruded profiles, gaskets, seals, cables and mouldings. 

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